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Designer: Sugar Love Designs

The World of Gluten Free & Vegan THURSDAY JUNE 25th 6PM PST
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We are excited to announce that we are now offing Online LIVE Tutorial classes that you can take at home! Open to North America & International. Prices in CAN. 

 The World of Gluten Free & Vegan

A super nerve wracking topic for those that aren't sure how to bake it! I am going into my Second year of teaching this class and It's one my favourite to teach!

This class is very personal for me, I found out I had a Dairy & Egg allergy at the age of 21. Which to a baker and sugar lover it was devastating! 13 years ago ( yes yes I look no older than 24 ;) ) Vegan desserts were... How can I  say this nicely.. TERRIBLE! I decided at that moment that I NEEDED to learn how to recreate all my favourites.

Fast forward to a couple years ago, We found out that BOTH our daughters had Dairy & Wheat allergies ( yes yes  yes. allllll my fault. Or so i'm regularly told by people). This threw a curve that I was excited to adapt to! How to make Vegan & Gluten free things that will fool people. After many trials and months of errors I figured it out. 

Being able to offer my customers something they can eat or something they can keep in the freezer so their child at a birthday party isn't left standing there with a fruit platter ( kind gesture... BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME THING!! trusttttttttttt me. Fruit is NOT the same as stuffing your face with cake or cookies.) Seeing the happiness of a customer who has to double check with me that it is in fact Gluten free and/or Vegan is my ultimate joy.

In this LIVE class I will cover everything you need to know about Gluten Free, Gluten free & Vegan and Vegan. I will go over what to use and what NOT to use. Changing our mind set will only increase Your business and/or impress that family member ( or yourself) But it will set you apart from other bakers who DON'T offer this.

Can you imagine, taking a Vegan Cheesecake to someones birthday and no one knows till after that it's Vegan. With a couple tweaks this could be GF Vegan Cheesecake.

There are SO many ways to change up recipes and I can't wait to help you on your way!

Please come with all your questions for our Q&A after the class.