Royal Icing Consistency 101 - Feb 22


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Royal Icing Consistency 101 
Feb 22nd 7-9
Instructor - Stacie Bennett 

This Royal Icing 101 literally covers everything from

-What makes it Royal Icing
-How to make it
-Watering it down
-Understanding each consistency
-How to achieve the PERFECT writing consistency every single time
-Outlining dos and don'ts
-Cratering and how to avoid it
-How to avoid bubbles and how to get rid of them
-Why bleeding of colour happens
-Saturation, what is too little or too much colour
-And so much more!

You will also get all my tips and tricks. Every Student will participate and learn the feel of the icing and learn how to water down to perfection!


This class is perfect for beginners AND advanced. Consistency is one of the hardest things to achieve and with this class you will have a great understanding and my tips to help you get it perfect.

This class will be a class where you can ask questions while i'm teaching as well as follow along so you can feel what each consistency feels like. 

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