I feel like I should start by saying " Hi my name is Stacie and I have a baking addiction". There, I said it, now you can't judge.

My baking obsession started out when I was young, trying to create these master pieces (in the microwave) and making my Mum be my taste tester. She was always so good about it and always told me how great they were ( let's be realistic, now that I'm a Mom, I FOR SURE lie to my kids when they make me stuff and I have to eat it... That's what good moms do right?).

My Mum and grandparents are English and with that comes my second reason why I have a problem. They. Like. Dessert. After. Every. Dinner. I grew up on my Gran's crumbles, cakes, scones, tarts, sausage rolls, you name it she made it! She was the Baking Queen and we all loved coming over and raiding her freezer which was ALWAYS filled with desserts. So with this kind of role model how can one not learn from her? My pastry crust is her recipe, my sausage rolls are hers, you get the picture.

Fast forward to 21 year old Stacie. ALLERGIES! yes, I said the A word. Dairy & Eggs. WORST THING EVER FOR A BAKER! and *cough cough* 13 years ago Vegan ( If you want dessert that is dairy & egg free it's easier to say Vegan. People get confused with what dairy actually is... mind boggling) There was NOTHING! If there was vegan baking out there it sucked. TRUST ME, I tried it allllll. So after crying a little (lot) I decided to learn how to recreate all my favourite things into Vegan so I can eat it.

Nothing like going to a birthday or event and you get a fruit plate.... thanks. With Susan's "ooo that looks good!"  as she stuffs her face with Decadent Chocolate Mousse. No Susan, fruit salad isn't JUST like Chocolate mousse ok...

Fast forward to 3 years ago, My little baking mini me's get Wheat & Dairy allergies.. Yes I know it's my fault (apparently), I passed it down or whatever ( My allergy family tree or so I've been told). Now here is another learning curve. How to make Gluten Free Vegan taste delish. After MANYYYYYY trial and errors I can say that I thoroughly  enjoy making GF Vegan things and then telling people after that they just ate vegan GF and they couldn't tell the difference. Even Chocolate Mousse Susan wouldn't be able to tell. (take that Susan!).

With all this being said, baking is my passion. I love showcasing (an excuse to make delish things and eat them all to myself) different styles of baking.

In this Blog I will bring all my favourite recipes, tips and tricks for you to try. We're talking french pastries, cheesecakes, cookies, cakes and so much more!


I would love to hear your feedback! So comment below and let's get this Baking Adventure started!

February 23, 2020 — Stacie Bennett


mofawenzej said:

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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Amanda V said:

Best gluten free vegan food ever, you’d honestly never know the difference!!

Sara T said:

Beautiful cookies that taste amazing! Every cookie is made to perfection with so much love and care. Staci is a true artist and puts her heart into every single piece her hands touch. Her creations are so creative and the cookies are the perfect crunch!
I can’t wait to see what’s in the future.
Also – this beautiful person teaches us her techniques. She shares all that knowledge in her classes and sends everyone home with love, laughter, creative juice and yummy creations. She’ll always be my go to person for sugar love!

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