Sugar Bakes Impression Parchments

Sugar Bakes Parchment Designs are the HOTTEST product! Perfect for adding beautiful designs with little effort to ALL your baked goods.

For use with Royal Icing, Fondant, Melting Wafers, Chocolate, Hard Candy, Isomalt, Meringue, Buttercream, Rolled Cookie & Pastry Dough

Our parchment sheets are food-safe, non-toxic, silicone-coated on both sides, waterproof, greaseproof, and non-curling. Each sheet can be used up to several times when treated gently. Suitable for freezing and baking. Heat-safe up to 475˚ F (250˚ C).

From the people
From the people
Elegant touch!
My client wanted "elegant pearls" on her cupcakes and these were exactly what I needed! I love the various sizes in the bottle and the beautiful pearl finish. Can't wait to use them on lambeth style cakes as well!
— Melanie Komori
From the people
The best gluten-free recipe I've tried

I love this recipe. I don't eat gluten-free, but I have lots of family that does and we've tried tons of cookie recipes over the years. This one outshines them all. The flavour and texture are nothing like what you'd expect a gluten-free cookie to be—there's no grit, it's not overly dry, no weird aftertaste. And it's a dream to work with. It rolls and cuts so smoothly.
— Natalie Field
From the people
Love, Love, Love

These bags are so nice! They are super clear and thick poly. Great product for a great price and awesome customer service!
— Rupi Brar
From the people
The Best Bags!

These are my favourite new bags for packaging! They are great quality, seal perfectly and I don’t think you will find a better price anywhere else in Canada! She has a great selection of sizes and super fast shipping! Highly recommend!
— BakedAF Lethbridge
From the people
Gold flakes

Just love the gold and how it works and looks on my
Cookies. It leaves such a beautiful sparkle when it dries. I also have the diamond powder and it’s amazing. I love it so much I sent one to my daughter in Alberta and my friend in Mexico. ❤️
— Ginny Prudhomne

A Bakers Best Friend

If you are a baker you know that our hands get so dry! These handy purse or pocket-sized hand creams are made with a moisturizing blend of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Green Tea. They are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free
SLS, Paraben, Phthalate, and Dye-Free, Moisturizing blend of Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Green Tea.
Thick and rich, never greasy

The Prettiest Buttercream tricks

Looking for the perfect pastel colour for your Buttercreams & chocolates? Colour Mill is pure perfection. This oil based colourant has the prettiest line of pastels and bright colours.


There I said it! The most perfect word in baking. Our absolute fave Vanilla is now in stock and we are LOVING IT!! LorAnn Vanillas come in a variety of styles. Paste, clear vanilla, orangic vanilla & pure extracts!

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