Sugar Spray Airbrush Machine
User Guide


1 Year Warranty

Sugar Love Baking Supplies warranties this product to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year following the date of purchase, provided that the product is used in compliance with the operating manual. This limited warranty does not cover failures due to abuse, accidental damage or when repairs have been made or attempted by anyone other than Sugar Love Baking Supplies. A defective product meeting the warranty conditions set will be replaced or repaired at no charge by exchanging the product to Sugar Love Baking Supplies; or returning the product to Sugar Love Baking Supplies for a refund.

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Airbrush Basics

  •   Sugar Spray Machine is a single-action airbrush gun. That means when you turn on the airbrush machine, the compressor will constantly run so air will always come out of the gun.
  •  Color doesn’t come out until you pull back the trigger.


Airbrush Colors

We recommend you use Airbrush Colors. You cannot use gel colors, oil colors, powdered colors, or any homemade colors (natural dyes, etc) in this machine. Before using inspect your airbrush color be sure there are NO solid or thick, goopy pieces in your airbrush color. The airbrush color should be thin and not gel-like.



Airbrush Shimmer and Metallic Colors

To use with Airbrush shimmer, metallic, or pearl airbrush colors you may find that once your metallic airbrush bottle is open it for a while it has a hard time spraying out of the airbrush gun. This is due to the evaporation of the water within the bottle of airbrush. We suggest adding a couple drops of water to the bottle and shake well. Do not add alcohol unless it is an alcohol based metallic airbrush company. Always make sure you clean your gun well after use of metallics with Airbrush cleaner. This will release the particles that get stuck.

The Airbrush Gun

Your Airbrush System includes a .4mm Nozzle Single-Action Airbrush Gun. This gun can be used with any airbrush colors. Only a single-action gun can be used with this machine.

Let’s Get Started!

  • Protect your work area. Airbrush spray will travel everywhere. We suggest for all over spraying using a box or partition to catch the excess.
  • Add a few drops of airbrush color into your gun well.
  • Color will not come out of the gun until you pull back on the toggle. You can adjust the spray outflow by how far back you pull the gun toggle.
  • Experiment with your machine on a paper towel to get used to the power of the toggle and the setting you want to you use. For cookies, we suggest the first or second level (which is when you tap the middle of your airbrush machine. One tap is Level one which is 20PSI strength, Second tap is 25PSI and 3rd tap is 30PSI. For cakes we suggest 2nd or 3rd tap. For all over cake spray use level 3 for maximum outflow without compromising the coverage.

Adjusting Pressure & The Airbrush Gun Trigger

  • Sugar Spray Airbrush machine pressure starts at 20PSI. Most airbrush machines start at 16-18PSI.  
  • The amount you pull back on the trigger determines the amount of color that will spray. Start by slowly pulling back on the trigger and spraying lightly as you learn the process of airbrushing.
  • The best results will come from a medium-high pressure and a gentle pull back on the trigger.


  • For best results layer color on, don’t try to create an even coat in a single pass.
  • Splotchy, blotchy color? If you are too close to the surface or you are pulling on the trigger too hard your color will be splotchy. Try moving the gun further away from your surface. Light layers are your friend here too. Use steady, even passes to layer color onto your surface.
  • Your distance away from your work surface impact your spray pattern. If using a stencil we recommend a distance of 6-8” away from your surface to avoid overspray or the air from the gun creating a wave like look.


Dry Time

Dry time can vary from 2-15 minutes depending on how much color you put down. Experiment first! If it has been an hour and your color is still tacky, you have most likely used too much color. If after it has dried for 1 hour and it is still a bit tacky in certain areas, we suggest brushing the cookie surface with corn starch. This will dry up instantly any tackiness.



Trouble Shooting

My airbrush spray is blotchy, or the gun is sputtering.

  • You may be too close to the work surface, pulling the trigger too hard, or using old/thick airbrush color.
  • Try spraying plain water or airbrush cleaner with the pressure knob set to high. If the gun doesn’t spray in a fine mist at full power, then you have a clog or partial clog. In which you will need to take apart and clean your gun. Please watch our Video on how to take apart and clean your airbrush.

How do I keep my stencil from moving around?

Hold your stencil in place with a reusable Stencil holder which is available on our website.

My airbrush spray is too strong, too weak, or random in pressure.

Check your machine for air leaks. Leaks can happen in the hose if not properly stored, in the hose connector port on the airbrush gun or machine.

Check compressor. Remove the white hose from the machine body, turn the machine on high and put your finger over the machine air port. It should build pressure against your finger. If it makes no change then it could be a bad compressor (this is a rare problem, please contact us).

  • Check hose for leaks. If the air port is working, attach the white hose to the compressor and put your finger over the other end of the hose. The hose should spoil up and create pressure against your finger. If the hose does not have proper airflow it may be fault
  • Check airbrush gun. Attach your airbrush gun to the hose and make sure the front caps are on tight. Put water in the gun well, turn on the machine, and gently pull the trigger. Water should come out in a fine mist. If the gun does not spray, follow unclogging direction below.
  • Advanced: Check Needle. Unscrew the gun tail and make sure the needle is going in and out with the trigger when it’s pulled back. If not, lightly press the needle towards the front of the gun and then screw the needle nut on tight. That will attach the trigger to the needle so that the needle pulls back with the trigger.
  • You should be seeing better results at this point. If water is spraying out but the color isn’t then it’s likely a problem with your airbrush color.

Maintenance and Unclogging

  • After each use: Empty the gun well of all airbrush color and rinse with water. Fill the gun well with warm, water or airbrush cleaner. With the machine on high pressure, pull back on the trigger until the color runs clean. Spray until only air remains, and wipe down the gun completely before storing for your next session.
To unclog or for a full cleaning: Follow the direction above and place your finger over the nozzle while pulling the level to force the water flow back into the fluid cup. If you are comfortable dismantling the gun for cleaning, you can remove the gun tail, needle and nozzle cap, needle nut, and needle and soak in filtered, warm water for up to 12 hours. Make sure the gun is dry before carefully reassembling. Please watch our video in the product description on our we

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